As a blog writer I can receive the comments written on my blog via email.

I'm wondering why this service isn't implemented for replies to my comments on foreign blogs. I don't really want to remember all the blogs I left a comment on in order to poll them to see if there is a reply to my comment.

Actually, a quick hack would be to subscribe to the RSS feed of this particular entry and let the RSS feeder handle all the remembrance and polling for us, but that seems so inneffective. Just imagine all the wasted traffic induced by polling if this habit becomes mainstreams.

I thought about turning it the other way around, since it seems that I'm forced to leave an email adress on each comment I leave, why don't the blogging engines just use this adress to send a notification (maybe opt-in) if there is a activity ?

I wanted to activate this feature on my blog and it seems non-existant. I therefore searched around quickly only to discover that noone seems to be having this particular need.


Edit(15/04/2009): I just found out that WordPress seems to support this functionality via a plugin : Subscribe to Comments