One thing I'm really wondering is : Should I use excerpts ?

On the plus side :

  • The list is easier to read & shorter to parse. You can then just click on the link that are interesting to you
  • I can manage to see which posts are mostly read (useful ?) since the comments aren't a good indicator[1]
  • Mostly all my readers comes from Google. Having a little list and only then content on a dedicated page seems to help being nicely referenced on more specifics, hence ususally more relevant topics.

On the down side :

  • The RSS flow and the front page list are truncated. You are one click further to the whole story.
  • It seems quite arrogant to force the reader to come to your site.

I just edited my articles to have an excerpt when it is quite long.

What do you think ?


[1] It is very far from being a very famous blog with hordes of readers :-p