I advise every user to only use the packaged version of munin. Here's a short article to explain the background of my reluctance to ask for users to directly use the official tarball.

I have become upstream of munin a while ago now. As such, I'm in contact with package maintainers. They take the official releases and cram it into their own distribution of choice[1].

I have to admit that the various epic war stories read throughout the web about upstream vs packagers are very far from the truth here. They are a charm to work with. Often challenging and demanding, but always because there's a real need. And that's quite a good thing, as I'm still a rookie in term of open source software management. Therefore I'm quite grateful when they gently pinpoint my mistakes[2].

Yet, this nice team comes with a price. Since we mostly hang out on IRC together, there is way much inter-distro communication than on other software. But I'm the sole owner of the tarball distro .

Yet, as I don't like to build everything from source, I obviously use a distro. There, since the packaging is very nicely done, I don't feel to take the hassle of using my own "tarball" to test them. I just build a package for my distro out of the release code.

That's also a curse, as I admit that I although I test the code, I only seldom test the packaging. This means that I cannot really advise someone on using the tarball, nor directly git code as even I don't do it.

But, that said, I still think I'm the luckiest upstream around. Thanks guys !


[1] Be it linux-based like Gentoo, Redhat..., BSD-based as FreeBSD, OpenBSD..., or even multi-kernel based as Debian

[2] Defaulting to CGI graphics was a move that was way too premature, end-user wise. So thanks to them, it defaults to cron again