I always tried to have a minimalist blog style. I almost totally agree with Fabien Sanglard’s 0x10 rules, except on the part with “monotype fonts”.

As a matter of fact, I even started to use proportional fonts as my coding font. Which is not a common trait to say the least. But it seems I’m not alone, in thinking it. And I totally agree with Martijn’s statement that the terminal is the realm of monospaced fonts.

That said, I also love the esthetics of TeX, most notably due to its usage of Computer Modern fonts. Therefore I naturally wanted to use those on my blog, and therefore I searched how to do that.

Note that I agree that most of TeX appeal is due to its layout engine, more than its fonts. And that is something that isn’t easily reproduced in a web browser. So for purists, there’s some uncanny valley, as it was mentioned on HN. But for me, it looks good enough. And it does fulfill the primary goal I was after in choosing such a font: originality. To have a distinct look, even if a little weird makes it stand out of the crowd.


Those are the pages I used to tweak my font on my blog.